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“For the Lord my God has blessed me in all the work of my hand."
Deuteronomy 2:7 



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Look on the Bright Side, colored pencil drawing by Cynthia C. Morris

No hype. Quite simply…I draw. I love to draw. Most of all, I love to draw realistically with colored pencils. 

I’m mainly self-taught. I believe—no, I know—my ability to draw is a God given gift. When people ask me how I do it, I tell them it’s something that’s always been within me. I have learned to nurture it over time by simply paying attention to the world around me, listening and learning from others, and most of all, listening for His guidance. Having been blessed with this talent, I don’t consider myself to be any more special than the next person. I believe we are all special to Him and that He has given everybody his or her own unique abilities. It’s just a matter of listening and spending time with Him to discover what they are. 

My plan for the future is to take one day at a time—one piece of artwork at a time.  My current path has led me into a series of horses created in colored pencil, due to a love and fascination of horses I’ve had since childhood. I also plan to keep things interesting by continuing to choose subject matters that challenge me in the same way the plastic covering the apples did in my piece titled “Undercover Spies” or as the sunglass reflections did in my piece titled “Look on the Bright Side.” 

I will continue teaching classes and workshops hoping to inspire and encourage others on how to discover their own personal talents, and by always endeavoring to cause them to push the colored pencil medium to its fullest potential. But most of all, my plan is to trust God’s guidance in everything I put my hands to, knowing I’ll always get the best results possible.

Cynthia C. Morris, CPSA



Cynthia C. Morris, CPSA
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