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“For the Lord my God has blessed me in all the work of my hand."
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Discover the Art of Colored Pencils
with Cynthia Morris

Image of colored pencilsThe simplicity of today’s colored pencils makes them an increasingly popular fine art medium that is versatile, inexpensive and fun! Whether you are new to colored pencils or experienced with them, Cindy's workshops and classes will teach you various techniques that will produce beautiful results.

Along with the basic techniques you will learn proper tool and surface selection, color blending and mixing tips and how to create convincing textures with consistency and definition.

Supplies needed:

  • A good set (24, 48 or 120) of artist quality colored pencils. (The more colors you have the better your results will be). I use Prismacolor (not Prismacolor “Veri Thins”). Other good brands are Lyra Rembrandt, Derwent and Spectracolor. Any of the “artist quality” colored pencils will work, just avoid the cheaper brands.
  • Battery operated erasers are recommended, but you can use white plastic or kneaded erasers.
  • An electric or battery operated pencil sharpener is a must; others just don’t sharpen as well and will eat up your pencils. The battery operated ones work great and can be purchased for less than $15.00.
  • A drafting brush is not a must, however, they are very good for brushing away pencil and eraser residue and can be purchased for around $2.
  • A sketchbook or drawing paper for quick practice sketches and taking notes.
  • A drawing board or masonite board is recommended as it will keep you from having to work flat on a table.
  • Finally, if you’ll bring lots of patience, you’ll get beautiful results!

Supplies provided:

  • Reference photos will be provided
  • Several types of papers will be provided for the workshop. (Graphite/tracing paper will be available for those needing to trace reference photos).


Ongoing monthly workshops are held one Saturday each month at 403 W. Broadway (lower level), Sedalia, MO from 10:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m. and are $25 per person. Please call 660-826-0312 for the dates each month.

One-day workshops run 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Fees are $40 per student for 10 to 20 students. (Workshops for less than 10 students are a $400 per day minimum). Travel expenses are negotiable for destinations beyond 35 miles of Sedalia. Classes are limited to those 15 years of age or older unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor. Some drawing knowledge/ability is recommended.




Cynthia C. Morris, CPSA
660-826-0312 or 660-287-2931


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